Policy—Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing

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  • Policy—Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing

Policy—Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing

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        This policy sets out the Company’s approach to testing staff for coronavirus (COVID-19). It supplements, but does not replace, the Company’s health and safety[, coronavirus workplace safety] and sickness absence policies.

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        This policy does not form part of any contract of employment and the Company may amend it at any time.

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        This policy applies to all employees, workers and contractors.

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        This policy has been written [following discussions OR in consultation] with [the recognised trade union OR employee representatives OR a representative group of employees].

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        The information set out in this policy is taken from guidance on the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and other government websites that are updated frequently. While we will try to keep this policy up-to-date, we strongly recommend that all staff familiarise themselves with the relevant DHSC and other guidance and check regularly for updates. We will also issue updates to staff, typically by email, if changes to the government guidance affect this policy.

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      Why we think workplace testing is important

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        The coronavirus pandemic continues to have a significant impact on all of our lives, and on how we operate as a business. Catching coronavirus can be serious, particularly for older staff and those with underlying health conditions, even after they have been fully vaccinated.

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        In addition, even if a person has mild symptoms

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