Personal brand: self—assessment and action plan

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  • Personal brand: self—assessment and action plan

Personal brand: self—assessment and action plan

Assessing your brand

Your personal brand needs to consistently reflect who you really are and what you stand for.

This assessment can be used to capture key information about yourself that can be used to help you build a strong and authentic brand. Through this process actions or areas for further development may be identified.

What are your core aims?

What do you want to achieve?[Insert details of what you are trying to achieve, eg to achieve partnership by January 2017]

What is your product, eg you?

What are your core values?[Insert details of what values or beliefs are really important to you as a person and drive how you make decisions, behave and act]
What qualifications do you have?
What are your key skills?
What important qualities do you have?
What is your working background and experience?
What are your greatest achievements?
[Insert details of any other information you want to capture about yourself]

What is your market, eg where are you or should you be seen?

Do you attend all the meetings you are required to? If not, why

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