Performance appraisal and development review (trainee solicitor)

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  • Performance appraisal and development review (trainee solicitor)

Performance appraisal and development review (trainee solicitor)

Name of trainee[insert trainee’s name]
Appraising supervisor[insert trainee’s job title]
Appraisal periodFrom [insert date] to [insert date]
Date of appraisal[insert date]

Aim of the meeting

  1. to provide feedback about your level of performance

  2. to plan your training, ensuring we are supporting your development

  3. to set and agree objectives to enable you to develop the skills needed to meet the SRA Principles and Practice Skills Standards

What the meeting will cover

  1. parts 1–6: Performance appraisal

  2. part 7: Training needs identified at last appraisal

  3. part 8: Objectives for next appraisal period

Preparation for appraisal meeting

Please review and complete sections 1–6 in advance of the meeting. Provide a copy of your completed form to the appraising supervisor in advance of the meeting. You may also wish to consider Part 8.

The meeting should be expected to last [1–1.5] hours. This should be protected time without interruption. When the appraisal is complete, both parties should sign and date the form and agree review dates (six-monthly or as agreed).

Performance rating guidelines

Categories of ratings are as follows:

(1) Exceeded all expectationsConsistently exceeds expectations relative to the achievement of objectives, core skills and values
Is recognised as a role model or ‘go to’ person and demonstrates the critical success factors that are important to the firm
(2) Exceeded some expectationsConsistently meets

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