Particulars of claim against a pharmacist
Particulars of claim against a pharmacist

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  • Particulars of claim against a pharmacist

IN THE COUNTY COURT AT [insert location]

Claim No. [insert number]

  1. [insert name]        Claimant

  1. and

  1. [insert name]        Defendant




    1. 1

      The Defendant is and was at all material times a pharmacist, practising from shop premises at [insert address].

    1. 2

      On 18 October 2016 the Claimant, who suffers from irritable bowel disorder and was in receipt of regular prescriptions of Loperamide, attended the pharmacy for her prescription of the drug. On this occasion the Defendant prepared and the Claimant was prescribed a different drug in error, namely Loratadine.

    1. 3

      The Claimant paid to the Defendant the sum of £[8.40] in consideration for the prescription

    1. 4

      In the premises the Defendant, its servant or agent, owed the Claimant a duty of care in contract and tort to take reasonable care to see that the medication provided was in accordance with the doctor’s prescription and/or was safe for the Claimant’s use.

    1. 5

      The Claimant took the tablet in the dose prescribed for Loperamide over the course of three days before c

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