Pandemic management strategy

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  • Pandemic management strategy

Pandemic management strategy

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        According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), a pandemic is the worldwide spread of a new disease. A viral pandemic occurs when a new virus emerges and spreads around the world—and most people do not have immunity. Examples of pandemics include the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic and the 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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        This pandemic management strategy sets out [insert company name]’s strategy for managing a pandemic. The impact of pandemic outbreaks on individuals, businesses and societies can be reduced by being well prepared. This means having a comprehensive strategy, that is reviewed on a regular basis and refined.

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        In response to the potential threat of a pandemic, [insert company name] regularly monitors the risk to individual countries in which [insert company name] has an existing presence. In addition, [insert company name] has prepared a high level pandemic management strategy, which is set out in this document.

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      Pandemic management team

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        A Pandemic management team has been set up [for each jurisdiction in which we operate ]to ensure [insert company name] manages the response to any pandemic in the most appropriate way.

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        The Pandemic management team is led by [insert name or role] (the Pandemic management co-ordinator) and includes representatives of the following functions:

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          senior leadership;

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          business units;

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          human resources;

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          business continuity;

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          risk management;

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          real estate management;

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          facilities management;

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