Outsourcing—contract management audit record

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  • Outsourcing—contract management audit record

Outsourcing—contract management audit record

Description of outsourced services

[State nature of services, eg data entry]

Outsourcing supplier

[Identify the outsourcing supplier to which this record relates]

Audit team

[Identify the individuals within the customer business who are involved in the audit exercise, eg commercial leads, operational leads, in-house legal/general counsel, head of IT, finance, risk and compliance, head of HR]

[Insert details] [Insert details]
[Insert details] [Insert details]
[Insert details] [Insert details]
[Insert details] [Insert details]

Date audit completed

[Insert date]

Audit record

What service levels were the customer seeking to achieve by outsourcing?[Insert details]
What service levels does the supplier typically achieve?[Insert details]
Is the customer satisfied with the supplier’s quality of work?[Insert details]
Is the customer satisfied that the supplier has implemented systems to identify and manage conflicts between the customer (and the customer’s clients) and those of the supplier’s other customers whose businesses compete with the customer, ie by safeguarding relevant confidential information?[Insert details]
Does the supplier rely on sub-contractors?[Insert details]
If yes, is the

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