Outsourcing agreement—long form employment (TUPE) provisions
Outsourcing agreement—long form employment (TUPE) provisions

The following Employment guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Outsourcing agreement—long form employment (TUPE) provisions
  • The ScheduleTUPE provisions

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      1. with respect to any entity, any other entity Controlling, Controlled by or under common Control with such entity;

      Assigned Employees

      1. has the meaning given in paragraph 6.1.1 of Schedule [insert number] (TUPE provisions);


      1. the power of a person to secure (i) by means of the holding of shares or the possession of voting power in an entity, or (ii) by virtue of any powers conferred by the articles of association or other document regulating or relating to an entity, that the affairs of that entity are conducted in accordance with that person’s wishes and “Controlled” and “Controlling” shall be construed accordingly;


      1. [insert name] Limited, a company incorporated in [England] with registered number [number], whose registered office is at [address];

      Data Protection Laws

      1. means any applicable law relating to the processing, privacy, and/or use of personal data, as applicable to the Customer, the Supplier and/or the Services, including Regulation (EU) 2016/679), the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018;

      Effective Date

      1. the date of signature of this Agreement by both parties (or if the parties sign on different dates, by