Offshore IT outsourcing—training materials

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  • Offshore IT outsourcing—training materials

Offshore IT outsourcing—training materials

These training materials consist of template PowerPoint slides that can be used as the basis of one or more training seminars on the principal areas of managing commercial and legal risk in relation to offshore IT outsourcing projects. It is anticipated that those providing training will use these slides as a helpful starting point for their presentations and then amend them accordingly to reflect their particular circumstances.

The training materials are customisable.

Click the link below to download the presentation.


  1. Terminology

  2. Offshore IT outsourcing models

  3. Types of services typically offshored

  4. Key stages of an offshore IT outsourcing deal

  5. Potential benefits of offshoring IT services

  6. Potential risks of offshoring IT services

  7. Managing risk in offshore IT outsourcing:

    1. due diligence

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