Office manual

The following Practice Compliance precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Office manual
  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Office hours
  • 3 Office closure over bank holidays/public holidays
  • 4 Car parking
  • 5 Accessing/leaving the office
  • 6 Out of hours access to the office
  • 7 Incoming post
  • 8 Outgoing post
  • 9 Document Exchange (DX)
  • More...

Office manual

    1. 1


      This Office manual is intended to contain a high level summary of office procedures. It does not set out all relevant employment and health and safety policies. A full list of policies can be found [Insert, eg on our intranet].

    1. 2

      Office hours

      1. 2.1

        Normal office hours are [insert details of your office hours eg 09:00–17:30 Mondays to Fridays inclusive].

    1. 3

      Office closure over bank holidays/public holidays

      1. 3.1

        There are currently six permanent bank holidays in England and Wales and our office will be closed on these days. The dates that these bank holidays fall on vary year to year so please ensure you familiarise yourself with when these fall in any calendar year.

      1. 3.2

        Christmas Day and Boxing Day are designated public holidays and our office will be closed on these dates.

      1. 3.3

        [In addition, the office will close for the Christmas holiday at [insert time] on [insert date, eg 24th December], unless [insert date] falls on a weekend, whereupon the office will close on the preceding Friday. The office will reopen on [insert date, eg 2nd January] unless [insert date] falls on a weekend. whereupon the office will reopen on the following Monday.]

    1. 4

      Car parking

      1. 4.1

        Car parking facilities [are OR are not] available at the office premises.

      1. 4.2

        [[If car parking facilities are available, specify if these are available to all staff or only for specific roles,

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