Notice and take-down letter—defamation
Notice and take-down letter—defamation

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  • Notice and take-down letter—defamation

Address of Website Operator

Dear [insert organisation name]

Notice and take-down letter

We act for [insert client details], on whose instructions we are writing to you.

On [date] it came to our client’s attention that the following statement(s) have been published on a website that is hosted by you at [details of URL] (the Website):

    1. 1

      [Insert statement]

    1. 2

      [Insert statement]

    1. 3

      [Insert statement]

(the Defamatory Statements).

A dated [screen print AND/OR copy] is attached for your information. [The Defamatory Statements remain on the Website at the date of this letter and continue to be accessible within the jurisdiction.]

[Where the client is not specifically named in the Defamatory Statements, explain here how it is that the client will be identified from the Defamatory Statements.]

The Defamatory Statements bore the meanings [insert meaning] which are seriously defamatory of our clie

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