New client form

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  • New client form

New client form

Instructions for completion

Where you are opening a new matter for a new client, you should complete this form together with a new matter form. Please submit the completed forms to [state who] and retain a copy for the matter file.

    1. 1

      Fee earner and source of instructions

      Fee earner or team[Insert fee earner or team name]
      Name of supervisor[Insert name of supervisor]
      Source of client
      Please tick
      ☐ Recommendation from existing/former client
      ☐ Referral from another solicitor or professional: [state who]
      ☐ Referral from an introducer: [state who]
      ☐ Direct approach from prospective client
      ☐ Other: [describe]
      Purpose and intended nature of the business relationship[Insert details]
    1. 2

      Client details

      It is very important that we capture certain information in the right format.

      [Be careful to record the client's full name and address as per the form and be vigilant in identifying any alias or possible spelling variations. This is not always as simple as it seems. For instance, you might record your client as Miss Louise Armstrong-Smith, whereas another member of the firm could record the same individual as Miss L Armstrong Smith, or Louise A Smith. Equally, 41 Cornwall Crescent may also be known as The Stables, Cornwall Crescent, or even The Stables, 41 Cornwall Crescent.

      We try to capture any relevant known associations both to ensure our conflict checks are as thorough as possible and for risk management

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