Money Laundering Regulations 2017—independent audit report
Money Laundering Regulations 2017—independent audit report

The following Risk & Compliance precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Money Laundering Regulations 2017—independent audit report
  • 1 General information
  • 2 Executive summary
  • 3 Scope of audit
  • 4 Report
  • 5 Recommendations
  • Appendix 1 Audit plan
  • Appendix 2 Schedule of documents reviewed
  • Appendix 3 Schedule of partners and staff interviewed
  • Appendix 4 Schedule of matter files reviewed
  • More...

    1. 1

      General information

      Person(s) conducting audit[Insert names of applicable members of independent audit team]
      Dates of auditFrom [insert date] to [insert date]
      [Office(s) covered by the audit][[Insert details of offices covered by this audit]]
    1. 2

      Executive summary

      [Insert executive summary of report findings]

      [[Insert summary of recommendations, eg:]

      ImportanceNumber of recommendations
      Critical[Insert number of recommendations from section 5 categorised as critical]
      Important[Insert number of recommendations categorised as important]
      Housekeeping[Insert number of recommendations categorised as ‘Housekeeping']]
    1. 3

      Scope of audit

      1. 3.1

        [A copy of the audit plan is attached in Appendix 1.]

      1. 3.2

        [[Set out scope of audit, eg This audit has been carried out to examine and evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of the policies, controls and procedures adopted by [name of organisation] to comply with the requirements of the Money Laundering Regulations 2017 and to make recommendations in relation to those policies.]]

      1. 3.3

        [As part of the audit:

        1. 3.3.1

          the policies, procedures and other documents listed in Appendix 2 were reviewed

        1. 3.3.2

          interviews were conducted with the directors and staff listed in Appendix 3

        1. 3.3.3

          the customer/transaction files listed in Appendix 4 were reviewed for their compliance with the organisation’s policies and procedures

        1. 3.3.4


    1. 4


      1. 4.1

        Specific incidences of non-compliance

        [The audit identified the following specific incidences of non-compliance:

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