Modification Order

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  • Modification Order

Modification Order

Modification Order

Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981

[Title of (Definitive Map) and Statement]

[Title of Order]

This Order is made by [name of surveying authority] under section [53(2)(a) OR 53(2)(b) OR 55(4) OR 55(5)] of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (‘the Act’) because it appears to the authority that the [insert title of definitive map and statement] requires modification [in consequence of the occurrence of an event specified in section 53(3)5 [specify the relevant paragraph and sub-paragraph] of the Act, namely, [specify event][[, OR and ]] AND/OR in accordance with the provisions of section 55(4)[(a) OR (b) OR (c)] of the Act, that is to say, [specify

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