Modern Slavery—warning signs for staff
Modern Slavery—warning signs for staff

The following Practice Compliance precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Modern Slavery—warning signs for staff

As an organisation we will maintain clear policies and procedures preventing exploitation and human trafficking, and protecting our workforce and reputation.

This awareness tool identifies typical warning signs that may indicate that someone might be a victim of slavery or human trafficking.

If you suspect someone is being controlled or forced by someone else to work or provide services, please report it. This could be a colleague, someone in our supply chain or someone unrelated to our [firm OR organisation].

If a colleague tells you something you think might indicate they are or someone else is being exploited or ill-treated, then please report it.

There is no typical victim and some victims do not understand they have been exploited and are entitled to help and support.

Key signs

The following key signs could indicate that someone may be a slavery or trafficking victim:

  1. someone who is not in possession of

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