Members’ nomination rights provision—articles
Members’ nomination rights provision—articles

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  • Members’ nomination rights provision—articles

    1. 1

      Members’ nomination rights

      1. 1.1

        Subject to section 145 of the Companies Act 2006 and in accordance with the provisions of this article [1], any shareholder (or where the share is held jointly, the person first named in the register) shall be entitled to nominate any other person or persons to exercise some or all of his, her or its rights as shareholder of the Company and at any time to revoke such nomination.

      1. 1.2

        Any nomination under article [1.1] shall:

        1. 1.2.1

          be given by notice in writing to the Company;

        1. 1.2.2

          specify the full name and address of the nominee(s);

        1. 1.2.3

          be countersigned by or on behalf of the nominee(s) to indicate their acceptance of such nomination; and

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