Member—nominated trustees—invitation to nominate
Produced in partnership with Blake Morgan LLP
Member—nominated trustees—invitation to nominate

The following Pensions precedent produced in partnership with Blake Morgan LLP provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Member—nominated trustees—invitation to nominate

To: the [active AND/OR deferred AND/OR pensioner] members [(the “Members”)] of the [insert name of pension scheme] [(the “Scheme”)]

From: The trustees of the Scheme

Date: [Insert date sent to members]

Under the Pensions Act 2004 (the 2004 Act) and the Pensions Regulator's Code of Practice No.8 (the “Code of Practice”) it is compulsory for occupational pension schemes to have arrangements in place that provide for at least one third of the trustees to be nominated by the members (unless the scheme is exempt under legislation).


In accordance with the 2004 Act and the Code of Practice, the trustee[s] of the Scheme (the “Trustees”) seek nominations for [insert number of member-nominated trustees sought] new member-nominated trustees from those eligible to nominate.

The current position

The Scheme has been operating with [insert total number of trustees] trustees, [insert number of MNTs] trustees nominated by the Members (the “MNT[s]”) and [insert number of company nominated trustees] trustees appointed by [insert name of sponsoring employer] (the “Employer”).

The current MNTs of the Scheme are [insert names of the MNTs].

The terms of office of [name the MNT[s]] [[is OR are] due to OR have] expire[d] on [insert date] and consequently a process is now underway to appoint [insert number] new MNT[s]. This notice requests nominations for the position of MNT.

Who may be nominated

When a vacancy arises, [insert the categories of members eligible to nominate]

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