Medical report during employment (employer’s doctor)—employee consent form

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  • Medical report during employment (employer’s doctor)—employee consent form

Medical report during employment (employer’s doctor)—employee consent form

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Date:[insert date]
Employee name:[insert name]
Employee date of birth[insert date of birth]
Employee address:[insert address]
Employer name:[insert name]

Private and confidential

To: [insert name of doctor]

I understand that you are [an occupational health professional OR doctor] [employed by OR wholly independent of] my employer.

I confirm that I am not and never have been a patient of yours or under your clinical care.

I understand that my employer wishes to obtain a medical report from you in order to:

  1. [assess my fitness for and likely return to work;

  2. establish if there is any underlying health reason for my frequent absences from work;

  3. plan the work in my department, and assess the impact of my absence from or resumption of duties on workflow and resources;

  4. assess the effect of my condition on my day-to-day activities;

  5. consider the range of reasonable adjustments my employer may need to make;

  6. consider any short-term measures my employer can put

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