Marketing or business development managerRole profile
Marketing or business development managerRole profile

The following Practice Management guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Marketing or business development managerRole profile
  • Key information
  • Role summary
  • Key responsibilities
  • Marketing and communications
  • Sales and new business development
  • Client experience and relationship management
  • Key deliverables
  • Knowledge/experience/skills/qualifications
  • Limits on authority (if applicable)

Key information

Name of firm [Insert details]
Name of role holder [Insert details]
Reports to [Insert details]
Role type
[Insert details]
If a contractor role, length of contract [Insert details]
Primary location [Insert details]
Date role commenced [Insert details]
Length of probation period [Insert details]
End of probation review date [Insert details]

Role summary

The key elements of the Marketing/business development manager role are:

  1. Strategic marketing—undertake the relevant analyses, formulate objectives to achieve the business plan and develop strategies and marketing plans. Ensure the marketing infrastructure and resources are managed effectively. Direct the implementation of these plans whether they concern market development, service development or any other promotional, selling and relationship development activities

  2. Communications and lead generation—manage all communication channels, profile raising and lead generation campaigns to ensure the firm is positioned appropriately and the right level of engagement and lead