LTIP—participant agreement
LTIP—participant agreement

The following Share Incentives precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • LTIP—participant agreement

This PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT should be signed and returned within [30] DAYS of the grant of your award, OTHERWISE THE AWARD WILL LAPSE. THEREFORE, PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THis AGREEMENT and the enclosed plan rules AND THEN SIGN this agreement before a witness (who should also sign and fill in their details where indicated), [and also sign the TAX election set out in the appendix ]. Please then return the signed Agreement [and appendix] TO [insert name AND CONTACT DETAILS ] so that it is received AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AND IN ANY EVENT BY [insert TIME AND DATE ].

[insert name of company who granted the award pursuant to the long term incentive plan (LTIP)] (Company)

[insert name of LTIP] (Plan)

I hereby accept the [insert type of award — ie: matched, restricted or contingent award] granted to me under the Rules of the Plan on [insert date of grant of award] (the Award).

I understand that the Award was granted under, and is subject to, the Rules of the Plan, and that it will not normally Vest until the date stated in the award certificate that applies to the Award [ subject to the Performance Target(s) specified in the award certificate having been satisfied or waived in accordance with the Rules]. I also understand that the Award will lapse if I cease to the an

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