LTIP—option certificate
LTIP—option certificate

The following Share Incentives precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • LTIP—option certificate

[insert name of company who granted the option pursuant to the long term incentive plan (LTIP)] (Company)

[insert name of LTIP] (Plan)

NameNumber of Shares under OptionOption Price per ShareDate of GrantNormal Vesting date[ , subject to satisfaction Performance Targets]End of Holding Period

This is to certify that you are the holder of an Option to acquire up to the maximum number of Shares in [insert name of Company whose shares are being granted under option] as stated in the table above. The Option was granted on the Date of Grant stated above under a global deed of grant executed by the Company[ and is subject to the Performance Target(s) attached to this certificate]. The Option Price payable on the exercise of the Option is also set out in the table above.

The Option was granted under, and is subject to, the Rules of the Plan. The Option is exercisable only in accordance w

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