LTIP—cash award certificate

The following Share Incentives precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • LTIP—cash award certificate

LTIP—cash award certificate

[insert name of company who granted the award pursuant to the long term incentive plan (LTIP)] (Company)

[insert name of LTIP] (Plan)

NameNumber of Shares by reference to which the Cash Award has been grantedDate of GrantNormal Vesting Date [ , subject to satisfaction Performance Targets]

This is to certify that you are the holder of a Cash Award in the form stated in the table above. The Cash Award was granted on the Date of Grant stated above under a global deed of grant executed by the Company [and is subject to the Performance Target(s) attached to this certificate].

The Cash Award was granted under, and is subject to, the Rules.

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