List of issues to be determined
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  • List of issues to be determined

List of issues to be determined

In the employment tribunals

Case no: [Insert case number]


[insert name of claimant]



[insert name of respondent]





Equality Act 2010 claims—jurisdictional Issues

Time limits

    1. 1

      Have the Claimant's claims of [insert details of type of claim, eg disability] discrimination been brought within three months of the acts complained of, taking into account the effect of the ‘stop the clock’ provisions in respect of early conciliation? (EqA 2010, ss 123(1)(a) and 140B))

    1. 2

      In respect of the Claimant’s complaints which are based on the Respondent’s failure to do something, namely [insert details of complaints based on omissions], when is the Respondent to be treated as having decided those things? (EqA 2010, s 123(4))

    1. 3

      In respect of any complaints which are out of time, do they form part of a continuing act, taken together with acts which are in time? (EqA 2010, s 123(3)(a))

    1. 4

      If the complaints were not submitted in time, would it be just and equitable to extend time[, having regard in particular to [insert particulars of why the Claimant says it would be just and equitable to extend time, eg the Claimant's ill-health, the Claimant's attempts to seek an internal resolution of his/her/their complaints before submitting tribunal proceedings, the erroneous legal advice given to the Claimant, the fact that the Respondent misled the Claimant]]? (EqA 2010, s 123(1)(b))


    1. 5

      Was the Claimant an

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