Lexcel assessment—action list

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  • Lexcel assessment—action list

Lexcel assessment—action list

Type of assessmentInitial assessment
Year 1 annual maintenance visit
Year 2 annual maintenance visit
Annual maintenance assessment
Person responsible for co-ordinating logistics
Person or committee with overall accountability

A: Pre-assessment

Before selecting an assessment body

Required document or actionDate completed
☐ Complete self-assessment checklist (this can be found in the Law Society’s website)[Insert date completed]
☐ Appoint person to take overall charge of logistics[Insert date completed]
☐ Appoint a person/committee to take overall accountability for the assessment[Insert date completed]
☐ Identify what policies and procedures are needed to comply with the Lexcel practice management standard[Insert date completed]
☐ Assign responsibility for review or creation of each policy/procedure[Insert date completed]
☐ Meet one-on-one with those responsible for the review/creation of the policies/procedures to explain what is required of them[Insert date completed]
☐ Set a deadline for submitting the required documentation
(Make sure this deadline occurs before the assessment)
[Insert date completed]
☐ Set a reminder to chase for the documentation well in advance of the assessment[Insert date completed]

Application to assessment body

Required document or actionDate completed
☐ Select an assessment body from one of the following:
  1. Centre for Assessment Ltd

  2. Inspiring Business Performance Ltd (IBP)

  3. Recognising Excellence

[Insert date completed]
(State which body has been selected)
☐ Apply to assessment body using application form provided by the assessment body[Insert date completed]
☐ Assessor appointed by assessment

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