Letter to client about proposed interim injunction
Letter to client about proposed interim injunction

The following Dispute Resolution guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Letter to client about proposed interim injunction
  • Proposed injunction
  • [Applying for an urgent injunction
  • Applying for an injunction
  • Your position
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Private & confidential

[Insert name and address of client]

[Insert date]

Dear [insert name of client]

[Insert case heading and claim number if appropriate]

Proposed injunction

[Insert introductory background]

[Applying for an urgent injunction

I consider that it is critical to the success of the injunction that [insert other party] is taken by surprise. Accordingly, I propose that we attend court [insert date] without giving the other side any notice and make an application requesting the court to grant an injunction. Although I anticipate that the order will be granted, it can only continue in force for a short time without [insert other party] being given the opportunity to state its case. We would, therefore, have to return to court within a short period, [insert approximate date], so that [insert other party] is provided with a opportunity to argue its case and, in all probability, seek an order that the injunction be discharged or, failing that, varied. If we are successful at this second hearing, it is likely that we would obtain a full interim injunction. This would continue in force until 'judgment in the action or further order'.

Unless circumstances change, this interim injunction should see us through to trial, if we are unable to