Letter to client about experts
Letter to client about experts

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  • Letter to client about experts

Private & confidential

[insert name and address of client]

[insert date]

Dear [insert name of client]

[insert case heading]

As we have already discussed, we will require expert evidence to deal with a number of issues in this matter. To be able to rely on such evidence requires the court’s permission which will be need to be sought during the case management conference fixed for [date]. Prior to that we are required to complete a directions questionnaire which provides the court with information in relation to different aspects of the proceedings including expert evidence. Whilst we are clearly at a very early stage of the proceedings, we need to be able to provide information as to the issues requiring expert evidence and, if possible, seek to agree these with the other side, as well as an estimate of costs associated with using expert evidence. [Insert any information specific to your case in relation to the issues on which expert evidence is required.]

Alternative paragraphs depending on whether looking at using a single joint expert, party expert or expert adviser.

[Single joint expert, possible party expert

A party can either appoint an expert known as a party expert or both parties can jointly appoint a single expert to produce a joint expert’s report. It is important to be aware that in both cases the expert’s duty is to the court and the

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