Letter—Request for flexible working
Letter—Request for flexible working

The following Employment precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Letter—Request for flexible working

[Insert name of intended recipient, eg Mr X, Human Resources Manager]

[Insert name of employer company]

[Insert address of recipient at employer]

Date: [Insert date on which request was sent]

Flexible working request

Dear [Mr X]

This letter is a flexible working request. It is sent, in exercise of my statutory rights, as an application under section 80F of the Employment Rights Act 1996 for a change of my terms and conditions of employment.

I have been continuously employed by [insert name of employer company] as [insert job title] since [insert start date of period of continuous employment].

My current working arrangements are [set out relevant details, eg how many days a week are worked (and which days), how many hours per day are worked, at what location the work is done (eg entirely at the employer’s premises, entirely at home, or some split between the two)].

I am eligible to make this request because:

  1. I have the status of employ

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