Letter recommending insurance—demands and needs—law firms

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  • Letter recommending insurance—demands and needs—law firms

Letter recommending insurance—demands and needs—law firms

We have reached a stage in your matter where we believe it would be in your best interests to buy [insert type of insurance]. We have suggested you buy the insurance from [state name of insurance provider to whom you have introduced the client for insurance or who has given you delegated authority to issue a policy]. This is something we have already discussed and you have agreed that we will [state what you will do to arrange the insurance, eg complete and submit a proposal form on your behalf or issue the policy under delegated authority]. You have consented to us disclosing relevant personal data and information to [state name of insurance provider] for this purpose.

Fees, charges and commission

Insurance premium

The [insert type of insurance] insurance policy costs £[insert amount or where it is not possible to give a specific amount, the basis for the calculation of the premium]. This is called the 'insurance premium'.

[Explain what you have agreed with the client about how this is to be paid, eg [This will be paid from monies we already hold on account OR This must be paid in full by you in advance of arranging the insurance]].

[[Contentious matters—explain whether some or all of the premium can be recovered from another party]]

Our charges

[We will charge you for the work we do

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