Letter of wishes (with comprehensive drafting notes)

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  • Letter of wishes (with comprehensive drafting notes)

Letter of wishes (with comprehensive drafting notes)


To the executors and trustees of my Will dated [......................................... OR of today’s date]

In this letter, I set out my wishes with regard to the [nil rate band discretionary trust][business property discretionary trust][agricultural property discretionary trust][discretionary trust of residue][life interest trust of residue], which I have declared in my Will. These are my wishes only and are not legally binding on you.

[Nil rate band discretionary trust

[While my [spouse OR civil partner][name of spouse or civil partner] is named as a beneficiary of this trust, I would ask you to consider my children ([names of children]) as the primary beneficiaries. I have already provided generously for my [spouse OR civil partner] by leaving a life interest for them in the rest of my estate.

[ It is my wish that my children should be able to benefit from the nil rate band discretionary trust as soon as practicable after my death, as they will not be able to benefit from the remainder of my estate until the death of my [spouse OR civil partner] (unless you decide to use your wide powers to advance capital from the life interest trust to them). As I would have liked to have left my children more on my death but was concerned about making sufficient provision for my [spouse OR civil

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