Letter of variation

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  • Letter of variation

Letter of variation


[Insert address of Party B]

[[Insert address of Guarantor]]

[Insert date]

Dear [name of Party B][ and [name of Guarantor]]

Variation of contract

    1. 1

      We refer to the agreement dated [insert date of existing contract] between [you and us OR you, us and the Guarantor] relating to [insert description of the existing contract] (Contract).

    1. 2

      [Provide background to the changes]. In accordance with clause [insert clause] of the Contract, and in consideration of the sum of £[1] paid by us to you[ and the Guarantor] (receipt of which is acknowledged by you[ and the Guarantor]), we agree to amend the Contract in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 5 below with [immediate effect OR effect from [insert date]].

    1. 3

      [Under [clause [insert reference to guarantee clause] of the Contract OR a guarantee entered into by [insert name of Guarantor] [of OR a company incorporated in [England and Wales] under number [insert registered number] whose registered office is at] [insert address] (Guarantor) on [insert date] relating to the Contract] (Guarantee), the Guarantor agreed to guarantee certain of your obligations under the Contract and is requested to countersign this letter as confirmation of its agreement to the variations to the Contract set out in this letter.]

    1. 4

      Unless otherwise provided, the words and expressions defined in, and the rules of interpretation of, the Contract shall have the

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