Letter of response—construction or engineering dispute

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  • Letter of response—construction or engineering dispute

Letter of response—construction or engineering dispute


[Name and address of claimant’s solicitor]

Dear [insert contact name]

[Insert subject of letter]

We write further to your client’s letter of claim dated [insert date] and our letter of acknowledgement of [insert date]. This letter constitutes our client’s letter of response under the Pre-Action Protocol for Construction and Engineering Disputes (the Protocol).

We do not propose to respond to the letter of claim on a paragraph by paragraph basis, and any failure to respond expressly to a paragraph of, or point raised in, the letter of claim should not be treated as acceptance of the same.

[We confirm that our client has provided a copy of your letter of claim to its insurers, [insert name of insurer].]

[Our client firmly rejects the allegations of breach set out in the letter of claim and/or that any loss suffered by the claimant was caused by our client, for the reasons set out below[ and in previous correspondence [insert details of correspondence, eg letter dated X or meetings between the parties on site on X dates].]. However, in the event that your client was found to be entitled to any recoverable loss, we consider that [Sub-contractor X] would be fully liable for such loss and, therefore, our client is intending to submit [Sub-contractor X] to a pre-action process under the Protocol.]

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      [Response to the

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