Letter of claim—probate action

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  • Letter of claim—probate action

Letter of claim—probate action

Dear [insert organisation name]


The estate of [name] deceased

LETTER OF CLAIM—[Potential claim to set aside the Will dated [date]]

We are instructed to act for [name of claimant] in [his OR her] claim [to set aside probate of the Will dated [date] OR that the Will dated [date] is invalid]. In the event that the Will dated [date] is set aside, the deceased’s estate will devolve in accordance with [the Will dated [date] OR the law of intestacy].

We understand that [name of deceased] died on [date] (the deceased)[ and that [name] extracted a grant of probate to the Will on [date]].

Our client’s claim is as follows [set out full details of claim, including the facts upon which it is based].

Entitlement to the

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