Letter of claim—patent infringement
Letter of claim—patent infringement

The following IP guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Letter of claim—patent infringement
  • [Insert patent number and title of patent]
  • The Patent(s)
  • [Insert name of alleged infringing company]
  • Next Steps
  • The Schedule

Letter of claim—patent infringement

[Alleged infringer’s name and address]


Dear [insert organisation name]

[Insert patent number and title of patent]

We are writing on behalf of [name and address of client] (‘our client’). We are writing to you about your activities and actions.

The Patent(s)

Our client is the [owner OR assignee OR exclusive licensee] of [GB Patent number [add patent number] OR EP(UK) Patent number [add patent number]], a copy of which is enclosed for your information (the ‘Patent’).

[Insert name of alleged infringing company]

It has come to our client’s attention that [name of alleged infringing company] [is OR appears to be] [making and/or importing [description of allegedly infringing product] (the Product) OR using a process covered by this patent [description of allegedly infringing process] (the Process)], at least since [insert earliest date of evidence available to you so far, eg date of printing website/date of an invoice or receipt for a test purchase]. A sample Product [is enclosed with this letter OR is available for inspection at our offices OR may be viewed at url: [insert url] (print-outs of the relevant webpages are enclosed) OR is contained in the enclosed copy brochure OR may be viewed in