Letter of claim—clinical negligence claims
Letter of claim—clinical negligence claims

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  • Letter of claim—clinical negligence claims



Dear Sirs

Letter of Claim

[insert claimant’s name] v [insert defendant’s name]

We have been instructed to act on behalf of [insert claimant’s name] in relation to treatment carried out/care provided at [insert name of hospital or treatment centre] by [insert name of clinician(s) if known] on [insert date(s)]. Please let us know if you do not believe that you are the appropriate defendant or if you are aware of any other potential defendants.

Claimant’s details

[insert claimant’s full name], [insert date of birth], [insert claimant’s address][, insert NHS Number].

Dates of allegedly negligent treatment

  1. include chronology based on medical records

Events giving rise to the claim

  1. an outline of what happened, including details of other relevant treatme

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