Letter of claim—breach of confidence

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  • Letter of claim—breach of confidence

Letter of claim—breach of confidence

[Insert name and address of recipient]

Dear [insert organisation name],

[Name of client] and confidential information

    1. 1

      We are instructed by [insert name of client] of [address]. We are writing to you about the unlawful disclosure[ and unauthorised use] of confidential information belonging to our client. This letter is written pursuant to the [Practice Direction for Pre-Action Conduct under the Civil Procedure Rules OR Pre-Action Protocol for Media and Communications Claims].

    1. 2

      Our client operates in [describe client’s business and any other background information]. Our client is the owner of highly sensitive commercial information including [[identify the confidential information] OR [identify the categories of confidential information]] (the Confidential Information).

    1. 3

      The Confidential Information was disclosed to [you OR [name of individual]] on [provide details about the disclosure—eg date, location] (the Disclosure). At the time of the Disclosure [you were OR [name of individual] was] aware of the confidential nature of the Disclosure [provide any details, eg communication/acknowledgment that the information was confidential or refer to relevant contractual provision, eg in a non-disclosure agreement].

    1. 4

      The Confidential Information is key to our client’s business [insert further details about value of information and the damage which disclosure has caused or will cause].

    1. 5

      On [date] our client became aware of [your OR [name of individual’]s] [disclosure OR publication OR threatened publication][ and use] of the Confidential Information by way

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