Legal risk register
Legal risk register

The following Risk & Compliance precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Legal risk register

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Please note that this register has been prepared in Excel and it therefore cannot be downloaded to Word.

For detailed guidance on how to complete a legal risk register, see Practice Note: Formulating a legal risk register. However, key information is summarised below.

What is a legal risk register?

A legal risk register is a tool for collating and managing all your legal risk information in one place. To formulate an effective legal risk register, you must first identify the risks your organisation faces. It is also helpful to have an understanding of your organisation’s appetite for risk. The legal risk register then enables you to categorise each risk, score each risk and decide on mitigation actions.

There are separate Precedents for a general risk register and for a privacy risk register—see Precedents: Risk register and Privacy risk register.

Identifying risks

To formulate an effective risk register, you must first identify the risks your organisation faces. This may already have been done (by the legal team, compliance function or otherwise) as part of identifying general (non-legal risks). If not, you can use the following general risk management Precedents:

  1. Risk appetite statement—this can be used to record your organisation's overall tolerance for risk and its appetite for different categories of risk

  2. Risk questionnaire—this should be completed for each business unit (including legal/compliance), by

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