Legal due diligence further information request—asset purchase

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  • Legal due diligence further information request—asset purchase
  • 1 The Seller
  • 2 Employees
  • 3 Real estate
  • 4 Litigation
  • 5 Pensions
  • 6 Material contracts
  • 7 Insurance
  • 8 Loans and liabilities
  • 9 Intellectual property rights
  • More...

Legal due diligence further information request—asset purchase

Dated [insert date]


This is a further information request following the due diligence questionnaire dated [insert date] (Due Diligence Questionnaire) relating to the proposed purchase of the business of [insert name of seller] (the Seller) (the Business) and certain assets owned by the Seller by [insert name of buyer] (the Buyer) from the Seller (the Proposed Acquisition).

This information request contains further enquiries [resulting from your responses to the Due Diligence Questionnaire OR [insert reasons for further enquiries]] and is designed to enable the Buyer, the Buyer's solicitors and other professional advisers to obtain clarifications or necessary additional information to assist with the continued negotiation of the Proposed Acquisition. Please answer every question fully. Please provide your answers in italics underneath each question and provide copies of all relevant documentation, ensuring that all answers and documents are clearly marked by reference to the appropriate paragraph of this questionnaire.

We reserve the right to raise further enquiries in respect of both your responses to this questionnaire,

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