Judicial review—letter before claim

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  • Judicial review—letter before claim

Judicial review—letter before claim

[Insert the name and address of the proposed defendant]

Dear [insert organisation name]

Letter before claim in proposed judicial review proceedings concerning [insert brief description of decision, act or omission at issue]

[Claimant OR Your client]: [insert proposed Claimant’s full name]

[Defendant OR Our client]: [insert proposed Defendant’s full name]

This [firm OR department] acts for [insert proposed Claimant’s full name] in respect of a potential judicial review against the [decision OR act OR omission] of the Defendant [insert brief summary of decision, act or omission]. This letter constitutes [our client’s OR the Claimant’s] letter before claim in accordance with the Pre-Action Protocol for Judicial Review. We have adopted the standard format for the letter before claim, as set out in Annex A of the Pre-Action Protocol for Judicial Review.

    1. 1


      [Insert the title, full name and address of the proposed Defendant.]

    1. 2

      The Claimant

      [Insert the title, full name and address of the Claimant.]

      [The Claimant [is in receipt of legal aid funding OR [insert details of funding arrangements]].]

    1. 3

      The Defendant’s reference details

      We understand that [insert the name and job title of the member of staff at the public body responsible for handling the matter in dispute] has been dealing with this matter. The reference that has been used in relation to this matter is: [insert reference].

      Please confirm if the [Defendant] is legally represented in this matter. If so,

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