ITT schedule—criteria—legal services
ITT schedule—criteria—legal services

The following In-house Advisor precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • ITT schedule—criteria—legal services

ITT schedule—criteria—legal services

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      All Proposals must address the following key criteria:

      Financial strength of contracting entity, and other members of its group (including the availability and strength of any parent company guarantee where applicable)[Insert details of the financial details of the Tenderer, for example a copy of last year’s fiscal accounts including details of which entity will be contracting with the organisation and the availability of a parent company guarantee]
      Sub-contracting[If applicable, insert details of any proposed sub-contracting of the right to provide the Services, including full details of the proposed sub-contractors]
      Ethical practice and social responsibility[Insert details of Tenderer’s corporate responsibility values and policies]
      Equality and Diversity[Insert details of Tenderer’s approach to promoting diversity and inclusion within its business and, if it has an equality and diversity policy, how this is implemented in practice]. Please attach copies of relevant policies and/or strategies
      [[Insert any additional items]][[Insert details]l]
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