Invitation to tender—template

The following TMT precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Invitation to tender—template
  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Communications
  • 3 Timetable
  • 4 Proposal format
  • 5 Selection Procedure
  • 6 Transferring employees
  • 7 Confidentiality
  • 8 Diversity
  • 9 General terms and conditions
  • More...

Invitation to tender—template

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        Invitation to tender

        This is an invitation to tender to provide the Services in accordance with [insert organisation’s name]’s Requirements, as detailed below. The purpose of this ITT is to set out sufficient information to enable a Tenderer to submit a Proposal to deliver the Services so as to meet [insert organisation’s name]’s Requirements.

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        1. 1.2.1

          In this invitation to tender:


          1. means the written agreement to be entered into between [insert organisation’s name] and a Successful Tenderer, based on the Agreement as set out in Schedule 4;

          Confidential Information

          1. means all information in whatever form (whether in writing, electronic or digital form, disclosed verbally or by inspection of documents, computer systems or sites or pursuant to discussions or by any other means or other forms and whether disclosed directly or indirectly) and of whatever nature which is confidential in nature or may reasonably be considered to be commercially sensitive and which relates to the ITT, the Proposal, the Selection Procedure or otherwise to the business and affairs of [insert organisation’s name][ and its group of companies] disclosed or supplied (directly or indirectly) by [insert organisation’s name][ or any group company] or any of [insert organisation’s name] officers, employees or professional advisors in connection with the ITT, the Proposal or the Selection Procedure, including: (a) all information acquired by observation by the Tenderer or

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