Interview questionnaire and record—law firms
Interview questionnaire and record—law firms

The following Practice Management guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Interview questionnaire and record—law firms
  • A: General information
  • B: Preliminary questions
  • C: Technical questions
  • D: Behavioural questions
  • E: The role
  • F: Questions
  • G: Closing
  • H: Assessment

A: General information

Date of interview  
Candidate name  
Position applied for  
Interview stage First interview
Second interview
Others (please state)

B: Preliminary questions

[Please summarise your career to date OR Talk me through your CV] (Let candidate talk—do not prompt them)
Describe your perfect job  
Why did you apply for this particular role?  
Where would you like this job to lead? (ie what are your longer term career aspirations?)  
[Insert any other preliminary questions]  

C: Technical questions

Question Answer Score (1–5)
[Insert question that is specific to this