Internal investigations—interview invitation letter
Produced in partnership with Noel Power of Dechert and Caroline Black of Dechert

The following Risk & Compliance precedent produced in partnership with Noel Power of Dechert and Caroline Black of Dechert provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Internal investigations—interview invitation letter

Internal investigations—interview invitation letter

As you may be aware, the Company is currently [being investigated by the [name of agency] OR conducting an internal investigation] in relation to [allegations of fraud, bribery].[ External lawyers have been engaged to assist in the investigation.]

The investigation is strictly confidential and we ask that you maintain this confidentiality at all times.

I would like you to attend a meeting with our lawyers on [date]. We believe that you have information which may assist our understanding of the facts related to the matters under review. The fact that we would like to speak to you does not mean you are the subject of an investigation.

Your attendance at this meeting is in keeping with your employment duties and we expect your full cooperation in this regard. This letter provides information about the process.

Attendance at the meeting

At the meeting, you will be asked general questions about your role and responsibilities within [insert organisation's name], as well as any involvement you may have had in the matters under review. You may also be asked to comment on relevant documents which we will provide to you [at OR before] the meeting.

[You may attend the meeting with a lawyer. If required, we can provide you with a list of recommended independent lawyers. ]

You will have the opportunity to inspect and amend any notes of the

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