Internal investigation—investigation report
Produced in partnership with Dechert
Internal investigation—investigation report

The following Risk & Compliance precedent produced in partnership with Dechert provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Internal investigation—investigation report

Privileged and confidential

Not for onward transmission without reference to [Head of Legal/Name of law firm]

Date of report: [insert date]

Report provided by: [insert name of internal department or external law firm providing the report]

Report provided to:

[Insert name][Insert job title]
[Insert name][Insert job title]
[Insert name][Insert job title]
    1. 1

      Executive summary

      [Insert executive summary]

    1. 2


      The allegation(s) or concern(s) reported are set out in the table below:

      Allegation 1[Insert description of allegation 1]
      Allegation 2[Insert description of allegation 2]
      Allegation 3[Insert description of allegation 3]
      Allegation 4[Insert description of allegation 4]
    1. 3

      Investigation process

      1. 3.1

        Document review

        1. 3.1.1

          Collection of electronic data

          1. (a)

            We have collected electronic evidence comprising forensic images of laptops, desktop hard drives, mobile devices, USB storage devices and archived data pertaining to [insert number] current and former employees of [insert organisation's name] (

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