Intellectual property internal audit questionnaire
Intellectual property internal audit questionnaire

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  • Intellectual property internal audit questionnaire

This questionnaire relates to the intellectual property (IP) audit being supervised by [contact name] in [identify department]. IP means any intangible business assets. These are described in more detail below, but include copyright works, software, confidential information and databases, trade marks (brands and logos), domain names, patents, inventions and designs.
Reasons for the audit: this audit is to [review our business's IP and the measures taken to protect it.] This review is necessary for [risk management, legal compliance, accounting and tax planning] purposes.
Companies and territories covered by the audit: the audit relates to [insert company name] [and [identify other group companies covered by the audit]] in [the UK] [and [identify other jurisdictions within the scope of the audit]].
Your role: please identify what IP is used by your [department OR business] and what policies and documentation currently govern that use. If you do not think you are the appropriate person to answer these questions, please identify relevant individuals within the part of the business for which you work. Please answer all the questions you can.
Please submit your completed response to this questionnaire to [contact name] by [date].
Please insert your answers in this column
1. Person completing questionnaire:
Please provide your name, position and the department and company (the 'business') for which you work.
1.1 Name and position:
1.2 Department:

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