Indicators of corruption—for staff
Indicators of corruption—for staff

The following Practice Compliance precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Indicators of corruption—for staff

You do not have to behave like a police officer but you do have to remain alert to the warning signs of corruption and make the sort of enquiries that a reasonable person (with the same qualifications, knowledge and experience as you) would make.

This awareness tool identifies typical warning signs of corruption which would normally require further investigation. These factors do not automatically mean that corruption is taking place—they are merely red flags. However, you should pay particular attention to matters where a number of factors are present.

In the course of contract negotiations, or during the completion of a previous contract, the business partner/agent has requested/made abnormal cash payments, including:

  1. attempted changes to agreed terms (eg requests for payments to be made urgently and/or ahead of schedule)

  2. payments being made through a third party country or to a shell company in another country

  3. an abnormally

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