Improving efficiency—Voice of the Client (VOC)—worked example
Improving efficiency—Voice of the Client (VOC)—worked example

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  • Improving efficiency—Voice of the Client (VOC)—worked example

Step 1: Identify our clients

Who are our existing clients (specific and generic)?Anyone who wants to buy, sell or rent a house
Who are our potential clients?
(Could be specific or a type of client, eg more corporate clients, more family law clients)
We’d like to expand into commercial property
Untapped markets to explore?Holiday lets/buy-to-let rentals (becoming more prevalent in our area)
Is our client base likely to change?Property market is beginning to pick up and we are seeing more second home owners in our area.

Step 2: Gather client information/feedback

What do we already know about our clients’ needs?Clients want their transaction to be dealt with swiftly at a reasonable price
Clients like to be kept updated, even if nothing is happening. They tend to judge us more on our service than on our technical work, which they appear to take for granted
This is really as much as we know, as we need to improve our client feedback
How do we currently receive client feedback?Client questionnaires, but we don’t ask what services would like to see us offer
We only ask for client comments at the end of the matter and therefore don’t have reliable feedback about the early stages of their matter
What information is in the complaints file?The main trend is that clients complain about lack of communication and

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