Improving efficiency business case (worked example)
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Last updated on 12/08/2020

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  • Improving efficiency business case (worked example)

Improving efficiency business case (worked example)

Executive summary

This report analyses why 25% of the referrals we receive are referred back to client services. The research was conducted in May and June 2021 and includes statistical data gathered from various sources. The research was conducted by a cross-party team of lawyers and support staff headed up by Fred Smith.

The aim was to identify current bottlenecks in the process, what was causing them and how they could be fixed.

The main recommendations of the report are:

  1. standardised email signatures for all employees, containing direct contact information

  2. a review of all standard letters currently sent to clients

  3. development of a standard script for administrative assistants when speaking with new/potential clients

  4. a review of our current mobile phone provider and a potential move to a new provider

The full details of these recommendations can be found below. Should the recommendations be accepted, initial roll-out can begin within two weeks.

What is the problem and what does it cost?

The issueDelays at the start of new client process resulting in complaints and an impact on the credibility of the team.
ImpactWe refer 25% of all initial referrals back to client services. The impact on the department is as follows:—in both cases the initial a backlog in the process with the time taken to investigate the conflict of interest delaying
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Key definition:
Efficiency definition
What does Efficiency mean?

The relationship between the outputs from a service and the resources used to produce them; in the public sector, it involves making best use of the resources available for the provision of public services.

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