Homeworking guidelines

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  • Homeworking guidelines

Homeworking guidelines

These guidelines set out some practical suggestions and guidance for when you are working from home. Please also refer to our separate Homeworking policy [(and, where relevant, our Temporary home working arrangements policy)].

Keeping in touch

We strongly encourage all our staff to keep in regular contact with homeworkers, and in particular for managers and the staff they manage to catch-up regularly. The method of contact should be by agreement between the parties, eg by email, video call and/or telephone. We encourage you to make use of [[insert details of any company-provided messaging software, eg Microsoft Teams] OR available technology] to carry out face-to-face video-based calls where possible. Each party is responsible for maintaining contact with the other.

Reporting sickness or injury

Homeworkers must follow our normal sickness absence reporting procedures. See our [insert eg, sickness and attendance policy].

If you experience any problems relating to health and safety whilst working at home, then this must be reported to your line manager as soon as possible, including if an accident occurs, or you contract an illness or sustain an injury.

Setting up your workstation

If you are permanently based at home, this will have been noted beforehand and [insert details of your arrangements for permanent home-based workers, eg health and safety training specifically designed for home workers, remote workstation assessments and how to order office equipment].

If you do not usually

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