Highway projection licence
Highway projection licence

The following Property precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Highway projection licence

DATE [date]


  1. 1

    [name of Authority] of [address] ( Authority)

  1. 2

    [name of Licensee] [of OR incorporated in England and Wales with company registration number [number] whose registered office is at] [address] (Licensee)

    1. 1


      In this Licence the following definitions apply:


      1. the Licensee’s building [known as [details] OR to be constructed at [address]] [as shown edged [colour] on the Plan] [Drawing] [and registered at HM Land Registry with title number [title number]];


      1. the drawing[s] attached to this Licence;


      1. the Authority’s [Head of Engineering Services OR [description]] [or any other officer the Authority notifies from time to time to the Licensee];


      1. the highway maintainable at the public expense known as [description] [shown [coloured OR hatched] [colour] on the [Plan OR Drawing]];


      1. all legislation in force in the United Kingdom at any time during the currency of this Licence, including:

        1. (a)

          Acts of Parliament;

        2. (b)

          orders, regulations, consents, licences, notices and bye laws made or granted:

          1. (i)

            under any Act of Parliament;

          2. (ii)

            by a local authority or by a court of competent jurisdiction

        3. (c)

          any approved codes of practice issued by a statutory body;


      1. this Licence and any document supplemental or collateral to it;

      Licence Fee

      1. £[amount] per year;

      Licence Period

      1. the period starting today and ending on [date] (unless terminated under clause 7);

      [Necessary Consent

      1. [the Planning Permission and] any other consent, licence, permission or approval (apart from

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