Gifts and hospitality policy—government officials
Gifts and hospitality policy—government officials

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  • Gifts and hospitality policy—government officials

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We run our business[es] with integrity. All of us must work together to ensure our business[es] remain[s] untainted by bribery and corruption. This policy is integral to that effort and we are all bound by it.

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        Strict laws prohibit or limit the giving of any type of gift or offering of any type of hospitality to government officials.

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        Violations of these laws may result in harsh penalties such as fines, suspension, permanent disqualification from competing for government contracts and even criminal prosecution of the organisation and/or individuals.

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        In many cases, conduct that is acceptable in the private sector may violate gift and hospitality laws governing business relationships with governmental agencies.

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        Offering a gift or hospitality of any value to a government official that is intended to induce or reward that official for the performance of an official action may be a bribe and is strictly forbidden.

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        The laws around offering gifts and hospitality to government officials are strict and complex. This policy sets out suggested systems and controls around offering gifts or hospitality to government officials.

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        While local laws vary, generally ‘gift’, ‘hospitality’ and ‘government official’ are broadly defined as:

        GiftIncludes any item or service of value, including, but not limited to business gratuities, presents and company products.
        Does not include political

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