General leave to remain—questionnaire

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  • General leave to remain—questionnaire

General leave to remain—questionnaire

A. All categories: information available from all applicants' passports and (if relevant) Biometric Residence Permits

Full name as stated in your passportFor each dependant please confirm their relationship to you
Date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY)
Place of birth (city/town/province/state)
Country of birth
Current category of UK leave and its expiry date
If you obtained entry clearance (a visa) from overseas prior to your first entry to the UK, please confirm:
—which country you applied from
—which British post granted the application
—the reference number printed on the entry clearance, and
—the start date of the entry clearance
CURRENT PASSPORTIf you hold a second passport or passport(s) in other nationalities, please provide details in this section for each passport
All current passports must be submitted with the application
Current passport number
Current passport nationality
Current passport issue date (DD/MM/YYYY)
Current passport expiry date (DD/MM/YYYY)
Current passport country of issue and issuing authorityThis will normally appear on the biodata/photo page
Does your current passport contain a photo of you?
If your current passport has been lost or stolen anywhere in the world, please provide police report number, police station and date reportedThe Home Office will not process the application without this information, if this is relevant
If your current passport is unavailable for other reasons, please say why
PREVIOUS PASSPORTInclude these details for any previous passport which contains your current UK leave, a

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